Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Soul Cries Out

Relief, release
an easing of this pain
this pain of becoming
unearthing the festering wounds
inflicted on my soul by those who claimed to love me

Relief, release
from the lies ever taunting
the memories constant haunting
the words etched into
my very bones

dried up, dried out
dead bones
my bones
bleached in the desert wasteland
that has been my life

dried up, dried out
dead bones
is there really new life for my bones?

I want a do over
My soul screams that you own me at least that God
You created me
You gave me life
You let them snatch it away
one word, one blow, one touch
at a time

It's haunting me the things done in your name
Your powerful holy almighty name
The one that makes evil flee
The one that brings these dead bones
my dead bones back to life

Life - do I even want it?
It's all been sorrow, all been pain
Do I want new life
breathed into me?
For all your power I was still broken
I don't have hope to believe

Believe a different ending for the story that I know
Believe a different truth than the lies that I was told
Believe a different love the one that claims to set me free
Believe a different life - one of resurrection, of hopes no longer dashed
Where evil has not won

Because the story of those bones,
the story of my bones
didn't end in that desert wilderness
There was a word and a breath
A wind and a stirring

I don't have to stay here
in this valley of the dead

I don't have to weep here
for the life I never led

It's a long walk out of this valley
this place where my soul died
I am tired and weary
It was easier to be dried up on the desert floor
There was comfort there,
lying with the dead
This coming back to life - it hurts
dear God how it hurts

And so my soul cries
release and relief

*from a writing prompt for Be

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