Saturday, May 10, 2014

Because vs Become

Because allows me to stay where I am, justified in remaining stagnant.
Excusing my behaviours, attitudes, choices
It wraps my heart in the past, choking me on what never was.

Because robs me of my choices now,
It keeps me behind my glass wall
And allows lies to continue framing what I experience.

Become allows me to fall forward, trusting that I don't have to remain where I've always been.
Opening my heart to the possibilities of what could be
It invites me to choose, to explore, to embrace failing

Become re-frames my past as the beginning of the story, not the end
It makes space for the messy and giving up control
Accepting that what was does not have to dictate what will always be. 

Become allows me to put roots down deep and lean into the hard work
The work of growing where I was planted
Of hearing the colours of Spirit on the wind
Reminding me that I need the rain as much as I need the sun. 

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