Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Release

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. A place where we come together and write for five minutes, blurting our unedited words and then linking up. 


Deep red crescents score the palms of her hands

The panic she feels behind gritty too tired eyes mounting

There is too much and not enough

She feels too much and not enough

Her weakness is hanging out like an untucked shirt

Weary she drags herself into another day

The blinking cursor mocking her sluggish brain

One word, then another

Pulled from the depths of her soul

They begin to spill faster

Followed by tears slipping down her cheeks

This is her release

Where her heart breathes and freedom is born


  1. Terrific imagery. I love the line " Her weakness is hanging out like an untucked shirt." Great simile. (The English teacher in me appreciates your talent.)
    And a wonderful message too.

    1. oh Beth, thank you for the encouragement and for stopping over to visit here with me.

  2. Yes. Clearly you have been given the talent of writing - but also of honesty. I am grateful for both. Thanks for sharing. Coming from FMF - on Monday!

    1. Kelli, thank you. And I'm glad you didn't let the fact that it was Monday stop you from participating in FMF.