Monday, March 24, 2014


It still feels surreal.  I'm actually doing this, Story 101. I'm nervous and so very excited.  I want to learn it all these next 10 weeks.  I want my voice back.  It's mine damn it - given to me by the One who knows me best.  My physical voice is a muscle - one that requires discipline, practice, repetition and care to be all it can be.  My written spirit voice is no different.  These 10 weeks are boot camp, a launching pad for me to no longer hide my words away in fear.

This is the first step toward secret dreams.  Ones I have only started to dream again.  Ones that I only dare to whisper to myself.  Story 101 is my next step in this journey of becoming me.  I know that I know that I know this is where Spirit has lead.

In the next 10 weeks, I can guarantee that there will be moments of wondering now deluded I must be to even imagine that I could write anything that others would find value in, much less bother to read.  This is no different than any other becoming thing that I have been lead to in the last almost 8 years since I found my freedom.  I never thought I could be as free as I am from the chains of the past.  Yet those chains keep falling off.

When the dark days come, let them come.  I have faced storms and doubts before.  I am learning to stand and lean into the driving pounding winds and rains.  Every time those storms strip away things that I no longer need to be bound by.  Every stripping away reveals another piece of hidden beauty, beauty that would not have been revealed without the stripping power of the storm.

Even precious metals need fire and hammering, gems require cutting - all to bring out the glorious beauty that can only be glimpsed in the raw potential.  If I am that precious, then I know I too will need refining for my beauty to be displayed to it's fullest extent.  The beauty is there - this is the next step to it being held, first by myself and then by others.

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