Friday, May 23, 2014

Patterns and Cycles

How did we end up back here?
Arms curled around the empty ache
As if to somehow hold myself together

Weren't we happy, connected, together?
Growing towards one another

Wrenched apart
Walls slammed into my face
Silence echoes
Tearing at our bond

Pushed away
To stumble and fall
Blame rains down on my heart
From lips that once spoke affirmation

Defending the fragile nature of my becoming
From one sworn to cherish
Bruises would feel like welcome relief
From the battering of criticism against my soul

Intimacy has fled
Chased out
Time poured into everything but us

I exist
Shrouded in loneliness
Huddled against the shame
Trapped by unreasonable expectations

The dam breaks
Tears spill from swollen eyes
Dawning awareness

Grief-stricken apologies
A return to different choices
The bond repaired, rewoven
Until the next time.